Episode 1

TailsTube #1 (feat. Sonic)

Welcome to TailsTube! Tune into Tails’ first show with special guest… Sonic!

Episode 2

TailsTube #2 (feat. ???)

Tails is back with another installment of TailsTube! Today he’s bringing on a mystery guest to talk all about the dangers Sonic has encountered on his journeys to save the world!

Episode 3

TailsTube #3 (feat. Knuckles)

Welcome back to TailsTube! Today we’re joined by Knuckles to talk about Soni—anything other than Sonic!

Episode 4

TailsTube #4 (feat. Amy Rose)

Long time, no see! Tails is back with an all-new TailsTube! Today, our special guest, Amy Rose, helps us learn more about Sonic and…Sonic!?